Voicing the silence by ANAROSA de EIZAGUIRRE BUTLER

Again it begins

That Eastern European look of yours.

This icy front, strikes hard

it cracks you open

Causing you to stutter and stagger.

You storm my empty stage (again)

By now you should know it’s open

I’ve been waiting



At your feet, shards of glass.

New scars that oust the old ones.

Bulging rivers,

take my hand

not long until you’re pulled back.

That iceberg’s your second home now.

I’ll hold you until I can’t.


I’ll always be your snowflake

Beneath your saddened sky

Above your tortured landscape,

I’ll dance to make you cry.


At times your clouds will drown you,

They’ll pull you round the bend,

I’ll conjure you up

A smile from a sun

Who by now

should have known better…


Anarosa de Eizaguirre Butler is a professional actress and voice artist based in Barcelona, where she also presents a weekly radio show and teaches drama. Her poem Voicing the silence reminds us of the constant battle between darkness and light, and the struggle to keep ourselves and others afloat. You can find out more about Anarosa here.

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