Platonic intimacy by LORA MATHIS

Kiss your friends’ face more

Destroy the belief that

Intimacy must be reserved for

Monogamous relationships

Be more loving

Embrace platonic intimacy

Embrace vulnerability

Use emotionality as a

Radical tactic against a

Society which teaches you

That emotions

Are a sign of weakness

Tell more people

You care about them

Hold their hands

Tell others you

Are proud of them

Offer support readily

Take care of the

People around you


A modern hymn, almost a prayer – that’s what Platonic Intimacy by Lora Mathis is to us. Bold, kind and daring are the words of this poem. The author, Lora Mathis, is a visual artist, writer, musician and poet from Southern California. Lora invented the term radical softness as a weapon for all of us to use it to get in touch with our emotions and approach others in the same way. You can find some of Lora’s products to buy here, and – spoiler alert – there is a tote bag with this poem. (WE WANT ONE!)

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