Eyes filled with wild delight

Surveyed the frosted moss and grass

And light once borne from sky alone

Did glance from once-dark earth and stone


What muted quilt was thrown upon

The wood’s sweet locks and fragrant skin

Her sleep unsullied by robin or crow

Or crunch of boot on snow below


And so the earth did dream in death

Summer’s bounty long plucked and sheaved

What rotted on the ground unclaimed

Sleeps with her til she stirs again


Susanna is an old friend of ours here at TAST (and actually she is celebrating her birthday today)!

We wish her a warm birthday and a magic winter, just like the one she describes in her poem.

Susanna is a Scottish writer. She worked as a teacher most of her life until she moved to London to pursue a career in journalism. This is one of her early poems and her style changed in the 60s and 70s to become more free form and feminist. We will publish more of that work soon!

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