Ode to Kerouac by ALINA CVETKOVA

A longing. A feeling I get.

I am missing out. I am not there.

On the road. The fifties.

Grand Canyon and evening jazz.

Coughing bulgy cars,

Their lungs packed with the handsome folk,

Their plastic hair, their aviator glasses.

Their lavish pinup girls screaming they dig it,

And I am so hopelessly late.

But maybe if I took a yellow Buick

Through the sooty New Mexico roads,

And accelerated a bit,

Sending dust and the crickets up in the hot air,

I could disappear,

And emerge from the other side, out there.


Alina Cvetkova is the co-founder of TAST, poet, writer, illustrator and overall creative unicorn.

Ode to Kerouac is about nostalgia, the longing to experience the artistic charm of the beatniks, the freedom, and jazz.

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