Poema para una desconocida en la calle by Andra Cătălina Conţu

La mujer con la piel blanca

No tiene ni nombre, ni trayectoria

Ella empieza donde yo me acabo.

Pero hay algo en su mirada azul,

Algo que desnuda

Y traiciona su alma cubista


This is the first ever submission of Andra Cătălina Conţu to a literary magazine, and also her first poem in Spanish. She started writing in her teens, but only for herself and her loved ones. As literary genres Andra prefers short-stories, poems and plays. Some authors that inspired her along the way are: Jacques Prévert, Julio Cortázar, Charles Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, Rupi Kaur, Wisława Szymborska, Marin Sorescu, Geo Bogza and Saşa Pană. Thanks for this poem, Andra and keep writing!

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