TIPTOES by Karen Byk

I asked you before leaving
would you rather fuck
or write a good poem?
you never understood
the feeling of not having
a späti nearby
to buy cigarettes.
I’m reading the book you lent me,
and it brings me nothing
but problems.
for example
what should I do
with the parts I like?
I don’t want to leave marks on your stuff
neither forget something
that was good for me.
watching backs of loved ones
going through door frames
again &
that was the idea
of the poem,
I remember because I thought
I always leave your house
                                          on tiptoes,
and I wish you’d feel
as heartbroken
as the girl who wrote that poem,
and that you were
in love with heartbreak,
or just ask you,
                          do you look
                                            at my back
                                            while I leave?


Karen Byk is a an Argentinian writer, currently based in Berlin. She writes both in English and Spanish.

We her poem Tiptoes, and the way she plays with context and form.

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