Marinated thoughts by Andra Cătălina Conţu

the salt of your tears goes in first
add the juice of a lemony Monday
and don’t forget to sprinkle some love
it brings out all the flavors

let it rest


Andra Cătălina Conţu is not new to TAST, this is actually her second submission and as before, she managed to enchant us with her style. We really enjoy short yet evocative pieces, and Marinated thoughts is just that. All emotions bring flavor to life, and salty ones even more so!

Andra started writing in her teens, but only for herself and her loved ones. As literary genre, she prefers short-stories, poems and plays. Some authors that inspired her along the way are: Jacques Prévert, Julio Cortázar, Charles Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, Rupi Kaur, Wisława Szymborska, Marin Sorescu, Geo Bogza and Saşa Pană.

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