Mujer Desnuda by IZABELA SUFA

Mujer desnuda en el medio de la plaza

No siente el frío ni las miradas

Solo las risas le hacen cosquillas

Y la lluvia que empieza a caer le recuerda algo


Es Raquel

Quería ser curandera de mentes enfermas

pero el destino necesitaba casos como ella

para otros doctores



No pasa nada

No tiene que llegar a ninguna parte


NEWS SOURCE:  Barcelona. El vídeo de una mujer desnuda aviva las críticas de incivismo en el barrio del Raval.


Izabela Sufa (JASLO, POLAND 1981) is a Polish writer based in Barcelona since 2004, she combines work in the consumer goods sector and motherhood with her passion for writing. Student of the Escola d’Escriptura de l’Ateneu Barcelonés, she is currently finalizing her first novel project inspired by the story of her great-great-grandmother. Her references in poetry are as different as Wisława Szymborska, Sylvia Plath and Iosif Brodski (just as us, yay!).

The poem Mujer Desnuda emerged because Izabela felt surrounded by the news about tragic, disturbing and absurd facts that seemed to multiply. As Izabela listened to them, she read them and something sad stayed. Until one night she sat in the courtyard, lit a candle and in perfect silence wrote the first verse of what became a long series called Events. Each poem begins with an original extract of the news that inspired it.

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