Blooming tea by Andra Cătălina Conţu

we’re like tea buds in the beginning
sewed up tightly in our fragile nature
the white thread keeps us in place
from falling into madness
but that’s another poem
we’re dropped into hot water
from there
we slowly unfold
leaf by leaf
petal by petal
a spectacle without spectacles
a film score is playing in the background
as we listen
and our being performs a contemporary dance
the great artisan claps with delight
the water swallowed our gold by now
we stand tall and brave
like a majestic flower on a floating island
for all to see 
yet safe
from greedy claws
eventually it all ends
the bud
the dance 
the blooming
the flower finally rests 
at the bottom of the teapot
the artisan doesn’t surrender
his hands to sound anymore
he carefully chooses some new tea leaves
and starts sewing them together


Andra Cătălina Conţu if one of our most loyal collaborators, writing beautiful poetry such as Marinated thoughts and Poema para una desconocida en la calle.

Andra started writing in her teens, but only for herself and her loved ones. As literary genre, she prefers short-stories, poems and plays. Some authors that inspired her along the way are: Jacques Prévert, Julio Cortázar, Charles Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, Rupi Kaur, Wisława Szymborska, Marin Sorescu, Geo Bogza and Saşa Pană.

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