if a writer falls in love with you by IOANA CRISTINA CASAPU

They say that if a writer falls in love with you –
You’re going to live forever.
This is true – to an extent.
We writers are mortals;
We go on about our days just like anyone else does
We work jobs we don’t particularly enjoy
In order to pay for our rents,
Our meals
Our make-up products and kitchen appliances,
Our very basic shortcomings,
Our losses.
We don’t go through life searching for the next hero or heroine that will become our next best target to turn into a character
We’re simply looking for the same peace of mind
And a piece of advice
When we get stuck in our very mundane problems.
They say that no one will love another
Like a writer would
This is true – to an extent.
With a writer, you can never hide who you are
Especially if they fall in love with you,
Mostly when they fall out of love with you.
We writers go all the way
We sometimes even go out of our way instead
To tell the truth
And that is what they don’t say about us writers
We will make you live forever
With what you truly are –
When you give your heart to a writer
You give your heart to the whole world.


Another beautiful poem about the life of writers from Ioana Cristina Casapu. And we totally agree with it – we writers can make you eternal, but only for what you really are.

Ioana is an author and artistic rehabilitation teacher from Berlin, who has over a decade of experience in editorial lifestyle publications and brands. Ioana has worked for Art Parasites, and later on worked as a senior editor and social media consultant for Thought Catalog.

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