If Bukowski were a she by Andra Cătălina Conţu

she wouldn’t give a damn
about her messy hair or her legs
that haven’t seen a razor for days
she’d drink beer from last night
and burp with satisfaction
maybe yawn a bit
put some Mahler on
and head straight to the typewriter
with a poem in mind
she’d light a cig in the middle of it
what a lousy poem
escapes her lips

cat climbs the writing desk
and starts purring for attention
she’d sink her hand in that black fur
and inspiration enters the room
like an unexpected lover
her eyes meet the cat’s eyes
two pairs of gem stones
shimmering yet cold
sorry love
we don’t have caviar genes
but I still have something for you
cat curves its tail into a question mark
while the woman enters the kitchen
and comes back with the reward
a can of tuna

she lights another cig
and starts to feed
the bluebird in her heart
crumbs of sweet memories
then she sets her free
and yes
she does weep afterwards


Andra Cătălina Conţu if one of our most loyal collaborators, writing beautiful poetry such as Marinated thoughts and Poema para una desconocida en la calle.

Andra started writing in her teens, but only for herself and her loved ones. As literary genre, she prefers short-stories, poems and plays. Some authors that inspired her along the way are: Jacques Prévert, Julio Cortázar, Charles Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, Rupi Kaur, Wisława Szymborska, Marin Sorescu, Geo Bogza and Saşa Pană.

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