Liar Liar by NOEMI

You were the liar at first.

An artist teleporting yourself through parallel lives,

Proud of it, kaleidoscopic.

I was mesmerised by your scent and mind,

I loved everything about you.

When you first caught me lying, you yelled out loud in the street,

You said “Why are you lying?”

To the shop owners that I’d come back,

To the beggars that i had no money,

I who wore my heart on my sleeve.

It was soon after that I decided to leave you.

I woke up every day saying goodbye to you, and as we

Walked past the sunken palace

And my reality was shattering, losing its spherical clarity,

You were angry about art, your eyes were aflame,

And I cried in silence for a long, long time on the mountain

thinking I’d never see your old age, your lazy afternoons.



Noemi is a Romanian performance artist living in the UK, and makes up half of duo Cheap Thrills (@wearecheapthrills) . Check out their work at .

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