Mirror Piece by Yoko Ono

Instead of obtaining a mirror,

Obtain a person.

Look into him.

Use different people.

Old, young, fat, small, etc.



The people around us are mirrors of who we are. What they show us often is who we really are, how we behave towards ourselves, what we reject in ourselves, or what we lost. Our reflection in them is a learning opportunity, but are we brave enough to really look at it?

In the Spring of 1964 Yoko Ono was maybe thinking the same when she wrote this tiny treasure. At TAST we are constantly discovering and re-discovering poets and their own perspective on this written form of art. Yoko does not consider her reflecions poetry. To her: “poetry is nouns or adjectives. This is verbs. And you have to do them. These are all instructions and when you just do it, then you start to understand it.”

Does that resonate with you?

You can read more of her instructions in Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings by Yoko Ono.

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