Nuclear waste by DIANA DUPU

Few things look as good

As a red lip on a dark haired woman,

Carrying cancer in her womb.

Cast your doubt aside –

I have looked upon the stone faces

Of raped godesses

And upon the fleshy cheeks

Of a 14-year-old left to die

In the barbed wire mouth of a brute.

Few things look as good

As blood on a woman

Otherwise why would the world keep

Drenching women in it.

These hysterical creatures,

My sisters,

Who howl in the long nights,

Who raise men despite what men do.

They swarmed the streets in Mexico

Writing VIOLADORES on the wall.

The world stood still at the sight of their breasts

And their baseball bats.

Few things look as good

As a red lip on a dark haired woman

About to knock a cop’s teeth out.

Diana Dupu is back to TAST with another powerful poem, which talks about sisterhood and female rage and the injustice of this sometimes machist world.

Diana is the editor of The Gerês Voyager and a member of the Erasmus Student Network press team. Her works were featured in Word-O-Mat, Thought Catalog Europe and Big Birds Collective. Her previous poem published on TAST can be found here.

Image by Laura Callaghan

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