POST-CREATION by Paraskevi Papagianni

In the giardini they’ve assembled something rather monstrous.
The sun licks the meandering pipelines (steel coat over linoleum asbestos bodies- says the label. Just beneath ‘Untitled Creation’)
It’s a circuit that is meant to stand for self-defeat and/or the water cycle.

“Shall we call it ‘pipe-dream’?” A man chuckles to a wife- an owner of artifacts, small tokens, wearable investments.

They link their arms like a system with that sort of lean, hanging grace.
(Anything that is justified needs not be taut.)

“Your Mother told me that she uses embarrassment as a tool in her creative process”. The owner of the trinkets chimes.

Time chimes in return.

The sound of metal. The sound of pipe-dreams.

Suddenly, somewhere in the innards of the installation tiny water: something frantic happens. Maybe a deliberate mechanism, maybe an intrusion, maybe the combined nationalities of minerals and water doing what they always do: eroding and crumbling, bubbling, colliding, singing, distilling, reassembling, dispersing, fighting, yearning. Elemental yearning. Snakes in pursuit of tails.
-They always turn out to be their own.

We all hope it’s an upward spiral. But history tends to make me nauseous and art tends to make me cautious.

“Eve dear, don’t evoke a postwar!” the man scoffs and wanders to the other end of the monster pipe-dream.
I watch their contre-dance with a certain bitterness.

Just as any member of a systematically erased generation ought.
Just as any intruder into a ‘giardini’ ought.

Here, I’ve created a post about it.
I slip the phone with the spider’s web etched on its screen back into my pocket.
I pretend to appreciate (the) Creation. I fantasize that I may have an impact.

And I wait patiently for the invigilator to drive (or more aptly flush) us all out with a gesture on the wrist.


Paraskevi Papagianni’s POST-CREATION talks about creation, creativity and the consumption of both.

Paraskevi was born in Athens, Greece but lived in the United States and Scotland before moving to Barcelona. She has been inhabiting what seem like smaller Athenses outwith Greece for the past nearly ten years and now can get confused, excited and wonder out loud in three and a half languages. 

She has published work in The Treacle Well and Parentheses. 

She is an artist, writer and art therapist.  

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