The night we cried in Cinque Terre by IOANA LUNGU

at Cafe Morello, we ordered two Aperol Spritz;

the unusual you might say.

I could see you landing on Mars

through the glass

30 years later and as young as we now are,

because Musk will probably pull some strings

in the universe,

Mars looks good just because you would build

a house there

with small windows

and blue blinds,

and you would play chess in the afternoon

drinking Aperol Spritz in our memory.

but tonight –

a small lizard crawls the wall in front of me

and I wonder if it hears us

if it wants to crawl inside of me

and guess what my future looks like

(a tarot reader in disguise).

but I barely see it now

through the tears

which cannot send you to Mars anymore.

we are stuck on this Earth

with fears and hopes

and basically, no guarantee

that things will

or will not

work out;

through thick and thin

I would hold this hand

and mirror the tears in your eyes

when you say there is no better,

we already got the best.

A charming poem by Ioana Lungu, who once before submitted with us. This Italian-based poem talks about love, the futility of life and the importance of the current moment; and it carries a certain detached quality, the acceptance of the inevitable.

About the author:

I struggle to find the golden mean through writing, yoga, experiential learning, political sciences and psychology studies. Writing help me make sense of any existential crisis I might go through

Image by Claudia Guariglia

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