We kill what we love. What’s left

Was never alive.

No one else is close. What is forgotten,

What else is absent or less, hurts no one else.

We kill what we love. Enough of drawing a choked breath

Through someone else’s lung!

There is not air enough for both of us. And the earth will not hold

Both our bodies

And our ration of hope is small

And pain cannot be shared.

Man is an animal of solitudes,

A deer that bleeds as it flees

With an arrow in its side.

Ah, but hatred with its insomniac

Glass eyes; its attitude

Of menace and repose.

The deer goes to drink and a tiger

Is reflected in the water.

The deer drinks the water and the image. And becomes

-before he is devoured – (accomplice, fascinated)

his enemy.

We give life only to what we hate.


Rosario Castellanos is one of the most influential Mexican poets. Her work often explores women’s roles – the imposed ones and also the journey of finding authenticity beyond norm.

Image by the amazing Petra Eriksson.

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