Fast Forward by RESHMA JOLY

The clocks keep ticking with a mind of its own.

Doesn’t it know that control over it means so much in human life?

If we do this by then, we get a degree.If we do this by then, we get paid.

If we do this by then, we might have a chance.

Why am I wasteful?

I wage wars with myself.

Doing nothing makes me numb. 

The guilt stagnates me further. 

The regret slices through my conscience.

The madness makes be breathe in rage.

Oh help me before calvary

Tick tock


FAST FORWARD talks about the pressure of constantly working, achieving, doing something productive. So much so that it can lead to guilt when we are not. Don’t we all feel that?

Reshma Joly is a 21 year old Indian poetess. Read and see more of Reshma at @reshmajoly or @r__joly.

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