Life exposure / Ode to the neutral by LAURA MUNTEANU

Every day
I get
A shade lighter.

One day
I’ll be as light
As a sigh,
The unknown,
The unfamiliar.

When the last shade
Leaves my body,
I will follow it
I will try
To hold on
To all the memories
Of all the former days –
It’s only human.

For all the blues
Of my childhood,
All the greens
Of my youth,
And all the turquoise
In between
Will carry my spirit away,
And laughing,
And crying,
And screaming –
Get out of the way!

Then we’ll all laugh
And blow soap bubbles
And say our goodbyes.

This wistful poem is by Laura, who has already submitted with us. Laura is an artist and a writer from Zurich, who works instinctively towards an inclusive reality. Her recurrent themes include the subtleties of women interactions, time and space reinterpretations and memory plasticity. She’s secretly still wishing for World peace, in whatever form it may come.

This poem is from her new poetry collection “Poems to say goodbye”.

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