New Year’s Eve by Tatiana Ernuteanu

I waited for the golden hour – the day, the night.

I waited for the winter to pass, I waited for the lunch to be eaten,

To see your shoes by my feet.

On the New Year’s Eve I cried because of evocative memories,

Dressed in my most precious dress –

To put some dignity on me too.

I broke all my cups – because they were two,

And I told myself that you loved me, tight,

Maybe only once

But you loved me.

My fine sandals carried my love debut all night –

From kitchen to terrace, on the pathways to your heart

It was such an arduous journey.

waits, waiting, waited

 – Such a beautiful lexical family.

The hope gets everywhere,

Even on the third floor

Where I saw it in the morning – 

It was standing in a planter full of snowdrops.

Publicist and writer Tatiana Ernuteanu was born in Romania. She collaborated with various lifestyle & culture magazine as Editor-in-Chief or as Special Guest. She signs the column Chicstalgia in Forbes Life Magazine, where she write about the nostalgic & chic delights from bygone eras, the old world aesthetic and about love. Her literary work, mostly poetry and short prose, talks about „amour” and nowadays loneliness. Her poems book Flesh, dreams and sad bones forgotten in Hydra was published in March.

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