Misconception by NORA SCHMEL

Would you say that your illusion is a delusion?
Diluted in false truths, no longer available to you.
Or you want to say that it is a delusion to question the illusion,
that might not be entirely true but rather confusion.
A deception caused by a misconception.
An invention, a ghost, a hocus-pocus, wrong impression,
seemingly actuality, joined by sensibility,
covered with perceptibility and validity.
The genuineness of trusting the concreteness and absoluteness of the phenomenon, that might only be a ‘man on action’ ignoring our facts, acts, impacts and post-impacts, ignoring to protect, to respect, ignoring the after effect, the correct,
the real subject, the indirect imperfect.

..and now it’s just me again,

let to think, to cringe, to sink, to sink it in, sink in it, like the ink in the skin, when it spills and splits towards the endless ephemeral borders to cross but never gets that far…

It fades, escapes, and makes a judgment before it backs upon itself because it didn’t work before, why would it work now.

But hold on for a second!
what kind of deep, clean, neat voice in beneath
would give up so close to what is considered to be the winning final triumph, a blow-out of the big change that never backs out,
just shouts before the big fold-out,
like an astronaut without freak-out.

That is what’s keeping us going towards justice, where the compensation comes with satisfaction, rationalization, realization, consideration, inevitable familiarization

with recognition and acceptance.

Nora Schmel is a Barcelona based visual artist and writer. Schmel finished her MA in Fine Art: Book Arts in Camberwell College of Arts in London. After years of focusing on visual arts, writing is getting increasingly important in her way of expression. In her work texts often come together with illustrative components in form of installations. She gives workshops and lectures on modern and contemporary art related topics.

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