I Hold You x2 by Francesca Flora Meloni

Illustration by Laura Bianchi

In the wish today’s faith doesn’t vanish into tomorrow’s blindness

I hold you between my thumb and my index finger

and I draw what’s left of you.

In the slits of praise we’ve got left to start again

I hold you in my wet mouth

and I sail your ship away from the bitterness of our spit.

Just an inch from the ground to your knees

I hold you in the slippery sweat of your spines

where your mothers practice to cry

where their tears have nourished your fists

I hold you.

In the wetness that keeps mouths shouting

but also kissing

and licking

and sucking

I hold you in the midst of the silences screamed away by the oppressors

I hold you tight.

Squashing my thighs to my breasts

breathing in the ears of the blue skies

stomping on the bias of the blue helmets

creeping in the world of the standing for.

I hold you.

I hold you away from our stained hands

sitting in clear water.

And I stare at the blood twirling into the shape of your tired backs

while I know that I would hate to say this

but I stumble.

And I’m a child if I hope that one day you

will let me learn you.

Francesca Flora Meloni is a multidisciplinary artist whose research focuses on language, the structural limitation it comes with, and its relation to mutating identities within the oppressive scheme. Her work takes the form of spoken and written word, performance, and sound.

Laura Bianchi is a visual artist working with a variety of media and languages but her favourite means of expression remains drawing. Her practice focuses on narrative, allegory, and symbols. She is interested in any kind of language – verbal and visual – that is employed to narrate but equally to evoke what is perceivable but not necessarily describable.

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