I’m tired of my own skin by LARA SCHMIDT

I’m tired of my own skin

I want to hide

I want to rip it off and tape it back on

In a way that won’t catch your attention

Camouflaged and tucked away

Small and unnoticeable

Your eyes burn through my clothes

And leave me naked and raw

Sensitive layers being shed and

Small choices being made

I just want to be quiet

And not have to explain my body

Explain my mind

Explain the words I speak and the thoughts I think

I want to stay hidden behind glass windows

I want you to touch me with satin gloves

drenched in the blood of others

I want to rip my hair out and make you a nest

I never want to see your skin again

Please don’t hide in my mind anymore

My flesh and bones are expanding

Please give me back my clothes and kisses

I will throw you out and leave you bleeding to death

 in the nest I built for you.

Lara Schmidt is a poet from Berlin. Writing poetry, short stories and sometimes movie scripts, has been her creative outlet for about two years now. In Lara’s words, “It’s a way for me to understand myself better, and if other people can feel more understood by reading my poetry it means the world to me. I believe that writing can convey a form of truth, that can’t really be achieved any other way. The emotional depth of humans is hard to put into words, but I keep trying everyday and my love towards writing grows daily.”

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