Chocolate by AMI CLEMENT

Onions set the tone for the modern love poem,

Like how Shakespeare wrote about the rose.

Love is brutal, raw, hurtful, that will show them!

But now I ask, why must we be made to oppose

The generic, copy and paste, rom-com displays

Of affection from our companions? Reject

A candle-lit homemade dinner, don’t gaze

Into her eyes, tell him you think ‘It’s perfect.’

Hand-written, shop-bought anniversary cards,

Overpriced flowers from the flea market,

Interlocking fingers, picnics in the backyard,

Breakfast in bed, songs she will never forget;

Heart-shaped crumpets and rose petals,

Lovebirds rediscovering joys of the early dating days.

Ordering pizza late at night after the kids settle,

Browsing for engagement rings and city getaways.

Why are people so deeply concerned with what we do, cringe at the soppy things we say?

Why must I be made to feel guilty for wanting a box of chocolates on Valentine’s day?

Chocolate is one of the first poems from an anthology Ami Clement is working on titled ‘Pantry’, which looks at household objects and their significance. Here she considers what conventional displays of love and affection mean to a modern woman, inspired by Carol Ann Duffy and traditional sonnets.

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