By Tatiana Ernuțeanu

[..] you wake up silent

you don’t have to do more

nothing is changed

what’s gray and cloudy inside you

it might just be the sea [..]

Publicist and poet Tatiana Ernuțeanu was born in Romania.

She collaborated with various lifestyle & culture magazine. She published her first poems book Flesh, dreams and sad bones forgotten in Hydra, in 2020. Last year, she was invited to the Bucharest International Poetry Festival, 11th edition and to The Poetry and Jazz Marathon, 13th edition, organized by the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest. Her poems were published in many romanian & international literary journals such as: Neuma, Golan, Planeta Babel, Viața Românească, Convorbiri Literare, Vatra, Euphorion, Luceafărul de dimineață, O mie de semne, Noise Poetry, Lettres Capitales, Israelian Journal, Alternațe, To the Lite House. She sign, also, the column Chcstalgia in Forbes Life Magazine where she write about the nostalgic & chic delights from bygone eras, the old world aesthetic and about love.

Her literary work mostly poetry and short prose talks about “amour” and nowadays loneliness.

Translation: poet Adrian Graunfels

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