art gallery by Ioana Lungu

your mouth is an art gallery 
my tongue steps 
and marvels – let me stay

your teeth are masterpieces 
my lips touch 
and marvel – let me stay 

your tongue is the artist 
I cannot help 
but u n d r e s s 
                 i t 
and marvel – let me stay 

I’m going to buy a pass 
for your mouth: 
               available forever 
the spaces between your teeth is where 
I’ll stay. 

this is a poem in the shape of 
your          lips 
keep    me 
between them
            – let me marvel 

your mouth 
          my favourite art gallery 
  the only visitor 

Ioana Lungu is a spoken word artist, based in Barcelona. Her work explores (self)love, mental health, and the interconnectedness of feelings and moments. Sometimes described as therapeutic, most of her poems are meant to be spoken, but she still writes pieces meant to be read.

Image by Ana Prescott: artist and fortune-teller who turns toxicity into magic.

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