See Me by Lara Makela

Pride goating me-
show Yourself.

Open the eyes of the people,
Make them see You.
not the girl they think of when they hear your name,
mother calling me useless,
father to protect,
frail, fragile little bug,
swatted by a vest.
I am more, worth more.
Worth the gold that rains down on the world
cast by the glowing god,
Worth the silver pouring down from smoke,
forged from seas that kiss.
I can’t deal with your pity,
Edging me over a closed-lip cliff.
All I have to do is plummet,
and you’ll all soon stop this tiff.

Lara Makela is an 11th-grade Ontario high school student at LoEllen Park Secondary School. She loves to read, swim and most of all write poetry. Her passion is to become a writer (coincidentally). Her inspiration comes by the way of Szymborska’s poetry and the little thoughts that seem to drift in and out of her ears. She is very grateful for a chance to let more people hear
her voice.

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